July 31,2012
To whom it may concern:

Account Corp has been our collection agency since 2009. They provide great service in a professional manner. We have had a great return since using this company. The staff always follows through and Larry even comes to my office to pick up my accounts. We have been very pleased to do business with them.


Office Manager May,2012
RE: Letter of Reference

To Whom it May Concern:

As Business Office Manager, I would like to recommend AcctCorp International of Salem for handling the collections of our delinquent accounts. They have effectively addressed our collection needs, which are unique to the medical community.

AcctCorp International of Salem is a collections agency committed to client satisfaction. We have been pleased with the service we have received.


To Whom It May Concern:

Our firm has entrusted our collection accounts to AcctCorp Int’l of Salem for a number of years. We have found AcctCorp to be dedicated, consistent, and effective in obtaining a greater return on our assignments than any other company to which we have previously assigned accounts. It has been our experience that if the account is at all collectible, AcctCorp will collect. In fact, it is not unusual for AcctCorp to collect on accounts we considered uncollectible. Our contact over the years with AcctCorp has shown that they care about their customers, and it shows by the professional friendships that have developed. We have found their staff to be prompt, competent, pleasant, and professional in their handling of our accounts.

It is our pleasure to recommend AcctCorp’s services to other firms that may be seeking help with delinquent accounts.

Yours truly,

Re: Collection

I appreciate the job and effort your company makes to collect from debtors. For many years I have used numerous collection companies, but never found anyone that could do the job as well as your company. Probably 15 years ago, I represented Steve, who owned a freight line located in Vancouver, WA. As I recall, we arbitrated a case in Portland. I was so impressed with the attorney that represented your firm that i immediately switched to your company to collect bills that were owed to us by debtors.

Sincerely, Gary M. Bullock, Attorney  April18, 2011