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AcctCorp International is a locally owned and operated Collection Agency with 21 years in the business.

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When Is The Right Time To Hire A Collection Agency in [php snippet=1], Oregon?

What does a collection agency do?

We’ve all been there at one point or another in our lives: you forget to make a payment on a bill and subsequently get a “past due” notice. For most of us, it stops there as we then curse our bad memories and quickly get the payment sent to avoid any further repercussions.

But what if the notices didn’t stop at the first, second or third offense? What if you’re on the giving end, rather than the receiving, waiting for the consumer to pay you for your hard work? How long do you wait? How many chances are given? You have bills to pay too and if you’re not getting compensated for your services, you too could start falling behind on your financial obligations. When is the right time to hire a collection agency?

The unfortunate truth is that there are inevitably always going to be customers who don’t pay their bills, invoices that don’t get paid and calls that don’t get answered. At some point, a third party needs to be brought in to help resolve the issue so hard working individuals can get the compensation they deserve.

Collection agencies utilize various forms of communication and persuasion techniques to reach delinquent customers to resolve overdue debts – phone calls, letters, emails and, if necessary, the legal system. AcctCorp International understands which strategies are most effective and have the means and technologies required to make sure you get paid.

When to hire a collection agency

The more time that passes, the lower your chances of recovering your unpaid debts become. Most companies in [php snippet=1], Oregon will seek our aid when an account is between 90 to 120 days past due. In general, you should give AcctCorp International a call if:

  • New customers do not respond to your first debt collection attempt. Without a transaction history to look at it, it is possible that if a new customer ignores a collection attempt he/she never intended to pay at all.
  • The customer claims he/she isn’t responsible for the debt. In these scenarios, the debt is rarely recovered without outside help.
  • The customer makes unreasonable complaints about products and/or services. It is very likely, in these circumstances, that the customer is using excuses to absolve his/her responsibility to pay.
  • The customer doesn’t follow through on a payment plan. If a customer still won’t pay even after a mutually agreed upon payment plan, it’s likely they won’t without further prodding.
  • The customer is going through or has recently gone through a divorce. It is not uncommon for one spouse to blame the other for the debt and/or refuse obligations to it. AcctCorp International can get to the bottom of the issue and find the responsible party.
  • The customer has a long history of financial irresponsibility.

Once it becomes clear that you will not receive the compensation due you, give AcctCorp International a call and we will fight in your corner to recover the money you deserve.